A Hymn of Empire 

See, this was the first Ladystuck fic I had the chance to read and that was a bad idea, because it is the only thing I want to read ever again. It’s beautifully written and manages to examine Feferi’s good traits, like her kindness and her aspirations, without glossing over the bad. I think it was ferrox who had a tag that was something “Feferi is just a jumble of good intentions and thoughtlessness” which is perfectly apt, especially in the context of her relationship with Eridan and how she glosses over the warning signs. This Feferi is beautiful and flawed and her pain, "not by war or revolution or tyrian princess", is achingly tangible.

Oh, and the historical text snippets, each so different in tone and each providing such great impact and fuck, The Sufferer and and he said no, love, that was the fucking point, it wasn’t paradise, it was real and it worked and we do not have to live this way with blood spilled on the ground and nothing growing in it”.

And I really hope the author writes some Feferi/Sollux some day, because the little snippet of conversation managed to portray their dynamic how I imagine it better than most other fanworks.

CC: Let’s get t)(is suckerfis)( going, DORK!
TA: oh my god plea2e ii do not want two liike you.
TA: plea2e glub or 2omethiing 2o that thii2 awful feeliing can pa22.
CC: Glub glub glub GLUB glub.
TA: phew, thank2, appreciiated.


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Fic recs! 

So this is for both Allison and Kailey so it’s a combination of popular things I think everyone should read, favorites, things that I’ve read recently, and all the John/Dave. This took like four days because I accidentally ended up reading everything.


sun’s angle by dellaluce - I don’t reread this one often, as it is like a punch in the gut, so I am not sure how it stands up with time. It’s Bro gen about Dave and just:

You stare at the blank space on the fake birth certificate and realize that you have to pick a name, so you give it some thought. You check some sites. You sit on it for awhile.

Eventually, you pen one in. It means “beloved.”

Hold Your Colour by lantadyme - What if the universe got remade without Bro? Again, I don’t reread this one often, but it’s just so heartbreaking and sort of defines how I see Dave.

Second Base by ladyofshallnot - Gay!Dave. I adore this fic for tons of reasons because it fulfills my domesticity and I love the Dave characterization and a decent OC and I want to smush Dave and Cole’s faces together. It needs to be updated, like, yesterday.

BL4CK HOL3, green 2un by urbananchorite and schellibie - Something not Dave related! This is set during Cascade and focuses on Terezi and Sollux, with some great illustrations and incredible writing.

Closing Time by cephied_variable - Fic about the poor fools who attempt to date the four kids after Sburb. I just think it nails their characters and what kind of people they would end up with.


Is not really a thing that I ship! Basically for these reasons. But I thought I would try out some fic and there’s not much of I like, because well, those reasons. No one has succeeded in selling me on it.

Except for roachpatrol’s I’ll Follow You Into The Dark, which, considering it’s a roommate AU, seems like an odd choice to make me go “Yes, that.” But idk, IT IS GREAT.


Froth and Frogs by urbananchorite - Frog catching with the heroes of space! This fic nails Jade’s voice and it’s freaking cute.

A Sylph and a Witch Walk Into a Bubble by sunbreaksdown - Similar frog-catching scenario, this one focusing on Kanaya and her observations of Jade. Just very sweet and somehow peaceful? idek.


Make It Shine So Bright by renquise - Cute little three-years-on-the-ship fic. More people should write cute Prospitcest instead of some of the stuff I’ve seen.


lock it up and leave by urbananchorite - Also known as “did you want to feel things other than pain ever again?”

hate in your heart will by provetheworst - The lengths at which this has been horribly jossed is astounding (like, I was reading this and saw Nepeta’s name and I let out a quiet wail) but this sort of sums up why I think Karkat Vantas fails at kismesissitude:

"I hate you," Karkat says again, sounding utterly defeated. "Get out of my sight."

"This is my room," John says.

Karkat looks around. “Oh.”

The Moral at the End of This Book by half_life_wolf - For the cliche round of HSO. Adorable species swap and gr8 writing.

Waiting for God Tier by urbananchorite and schellibie - The format, the illustrations, everything- it’s just the perfect kind of thing that will break your heart into a million pieces.

i will buy the flower shop, and you will never be lonely by roachpatrol - I don’t really like pale!John/Karkat too much, but if you’re like me in that respect you can just pretend they made out a bunch at some point.


Scarlet and the Bible Black by paratactician - Even if your reaction to reading that the pairing is Rose/Sollux is as much confused as mine was, you should still read this. The last chapter was just posted today so I haven’t had a chance to finish it myself.


Cities in Dust (shit let’s be hardboiled) by cephied_variable - Given that this has the most hits of any Homestuck fic, you should probably already be aware of its existence. But I put off reading for a long time because as much as I ship Dave/Terezi and enjoy the hell out of their interactions in canon, it’s not my favorite pairing to read. But this really isn’t about them, which is why I debated if I should just put it under gen or what. It’s also a WIP, which is something I normally avoid! But Cities in Dust is just compelling as hell.

The Gutter Gallows by cephied_variable - Grimdark vigilante AU. This is all kinds of fucked up. If you like a little violence in your Dave/Tz, you’ll like this.


The Earth of a Hundred Nations by sunbreaksdown - Someone described the beginning of this fic as “grimdark rehab’ which is basically what it is. Kanaya helps Rose heal and it’s sweet with beautiful descriptions and delicious pining.

Dog Days by partingxshot - Maybe it’s because it’s freaking cold, but this summertime slice-of-life fic is exactly what I needed. Rose and Kanaya in bikinis, y’all.

And, trying to unfold you, was brittle by signalbeam - I haven’t actually read this yet, but I am really excited to so I am reccing it anyway.


I WISH THERE WERE MORE RECS ON HERE. It’s just that I don’t think a lot of people really get their characterizations right, which depresses me greatly.

The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast by clumsyoctopus - The pinnacle of Dave/John and seriously, it’s 70,00 words of gay chicken spun horribly out of control and IT IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED OUT OF LIFE. That is only a slight exaggeration.

age/sex/location by camouflagecamel - Mute!Dave and of course John would learn sign language for him.

Like Forgetting the Words by elwing_alcyone - If every pairing needs that one, amazing yet horribly depressing fic, for Dave/Joh, it’s this one. A perfect characterization of Dave.

Lessons in Smooth Motherfuckology by cephied_variable - This fic combines two things I love: awkward experimentation and silly misunderstandings. My only wish would be even more making out. (Also, as someone who gets more Southern when I get upset, I feel that this fic is my spirit animal.)

Untitled by an nonymous author - Other things I enjoy in fic: outsider perspectives. This is Bro figuring out over the years that Dave is gay and it’s adorable.

Just a couple times when Dave fell in love with John Egbert by space_butt - John and Dave through the years and it involves sharing rooms and flying and a ~dramatic event which causes someone to confess feelings~ which might be my favorite cliche of all time.

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit by radialnothing - Yes, that is the title. John stumbles upon Dave’s diary. Just skim over the sex descriptions if they give you as much secondhand embarrassment as they gave me, because the rest of this fic is gr8.

Be My Sun by kobacake - Short and sweet fairytale fic. Complete with cute illustrations!

The Complex Art of Playing House by kancake - John is a single parent and I’ve only read like a chapter of this, so if it turns out to suck, I apologize, but kidfic is my favorite, so.

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